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We develop all our websites to be highly accessible to a multitude of users and devices. The markup of our websites is structured in a meaningful and semantic way which allows screen readers to effectively access every aspect including headings, text, forms, lists and tables. These individual elements of our websites are also structured in a logical order. We use XHTML and CSS to achieve standards-complaint websites (see below), and furthermore we use every possible aspect of XHTML which aids good accessibility and allows information to be accessed via the course code instead of the graphical output most people associate with a website. Our websites are all built with access keys and contain a text-only and high-visibility option.

Standards Compliance

While the majority of websites in the world are not standards-compliant, Swish Pixel take the standards by the horns, and we insist on creating nothing short of standards-compliant XHTML markup and CSS. All the websites we produce will pass XHTML Strict 1.0 validation, in line with the W3C XHTML 1.0 Specification. All the CSS used within our websites will also pass W3C CSS validation. We wouldn't have it any other way, so we guarantee that your website will validate accordingly on deployment.

Browser Compatibility

The importance of a cross-browser website can not be underestimated. The majority of website users will be using a version of MS Internet Explorer, however various other browsers are on the market and are consistantly taking a larger share of it. Swish Pixel produce websites which work and display perfectly in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (back to version 5.0)
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Netscape
  • AOL

Legal Requirements

Every website is required by law to contain a certain extent of statutory information to protect your company and your users. We provide each website we develop with a tailored Privacy Policy in line with data protection law, to satisfy the extent of information gathering and data storage carried out by each individual website. We also provide every website with a standard Terms of Use. Similarly we provide all our ecommerce stores with a transaction Security Statement as well as a customisable Returns Policy.

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